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    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Jogging Playlists, Part 1

    As i slowly crank my lazy blogging ass back into gear, the first of a regular series, music to jog to, tried and tested, the rules are simple.

    1. Nothing too melancholic and definitely not straight out morbid or depressing
    2. Nothing too slow
    3. But not too many fast songs or you'll burn out.

    The Talib Kweli, Kings of Leon and Futureheads tracks make me run like the clappers but you get a breather in between. Anyhoo, tracks and links to vids on you tube/tracks on my space below

    Talib Kweli Move Somethin

    1.Your Ex-Lover Is Dead,Stars
    2.Christopher and Anthony, Jape
    3.Poison Cup, M. Ward
    4.I Feel Just Like A Child, Devendra Banhart
    5.Free Money, Patti Smith
    6.California Waiting, Kings of Leon
    7.Ghost Under Rocks, Ra Ra Riot
    8.F.E.A.R., Ian Brown
    9.Cassette, Oh No
    10.Move Somethin', Talib Kweli
    11.Hounds of Love, Futureheads
    12.Crawl, Kings Of Leon
    13.I Believe In You, Cat Power
    14.Revolution Blues, Neil Young
    15.Dancing Barefoot, Patti Smith
    16.You Never Know (Domino Remix), Hieroglyphics
    17.This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody), Talking Heads
    18.Bizarre Love Triangle-94, New Order
    19.Iceblink Luck, Cocteau Twins

    20.Finer Feelings, Spoon

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