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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Google Wave, Paradigm Shift, Game Changer, much?

    An excellent review of what Google Wave will offer here. From the same developers that designed google maps, Google Wave comes out later this year, and does enough exciting new things to justify all the game changing, paradigm shift talk.


    - fuses instant messaging and e-mail,
    - allows for live concurrent, collaborative editing of mails and docs - i.e. it allows edits from multiple users with all users seeing the changes at the same time
    - has collaborative building and editing of image galleries concurrently
    - lets you embed you tube clips within mails and drag images into mails
    - has real time language translation for instant messaging

    Plus it's open source with an API for other developers so it's bound to get lots of extra functionality and will link up with other sites like Twitter without the user having to leave Google Wave.

    It looks seriously useful.

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