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    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Electric Picnic Line Up: the Verdict

    Well, it strikes me as a good if not great line up to coin a dunphyism . Its about 7 or 8 acts short of being a great line up.

    The Positives

    Sigur Ros, Wilco , and MBV are on there and they’re three of my favourite bands ever. The new Goldfrapp album is super so she’s getting a special mention too.

    Pretty pleased to see the Breeders, Tindersticks, the Roots, Juana Molina, Balanescu Quartet, Lou Rhodes, Lisa Hannigan, Cathy Davey and Underworld there. And Franz Ferdinand even though its obviously not the done thing to admit to liking them anymore!

    The Negatives

    Would be interested to see if these Foals guys live up to the hype and Micah P Hinson too, but overall there seems to be a distinct lack of fresh new acts compared to previous years line-ups and quite a few acts in the 'I’ve never heard of them category' - One Day International, The Yard Dogs, Tobias Froberg, Boss Volenti, Dawn Landes, Constantines, Yacht, Lionheart Brothers, Large Mound, Emmy the Great, Kormac & the BSQ Band, Silver Apples. Nope, new to me.

    There are a few acts that fall into the well past their sell by date/not my cup of tea front on here too- most obviously Christy Moore, Sex Pistols, and George Clinton.

    What does the line-up need to go from good to great?

    So not naming acts that played last year, or acts playing at that hideous puking teenagers festival at punchestown, or those that don't have a new album to promote, who are we left with?

    Of course Portishead would be a pretty great start - the new album is excellent, they’ve still got it.

    And how about some quality indie fare? Panda Bear, Beirut, Patrick Watson, Elbow, Feist, Iron & Wine, Spoon, Tapes’n’Tapes, Midlake, Joanna Newsom, Martha Wainwright?

    Some good newish acts - Hercules and Love Affair, Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, Laura Marling maybe?

    Nick Cave appearing with the bad seeds and playing his brilliant new album instead of the tedious bad joke that is the Grinderman’s oeuvre would help.

    Another quality dance act? Modeselektor, Field.

    Some hip hop? Del tha funky homespun, Dizee Rascal maybe?

    I'd like Kittser and Gemma Hayes in there too.

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