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    Monday, September 7, 2009

    Electric Picnic 09 Review

    Some real gems in the Irish Times photo slideshow here.

    The perfect Electric Picnic 09 festival experience for me was Passion Pitt in the Little Big Tent. They absolutely tore the roof off, crowd and band went nuts for the whole set. Glorious.

    Body and Soul Tent

    In the body and soul arena.

    Florence and the Machine's performance was explosive. And the crowd were very up for it.

    Loved every minute of Jape's wonderful gig. Just love what this guy does full stop. New song Scorpio very fab and the one he started with that wasn't from Ritual. Anyone know what that was? The bit where he got the guy up to sing along with him was a really funny, heart warming moment.

    Julie Feeney's performance was a wonderfully theatrical delivery of tunes from an exceptional album. And she looked fab. Quite besotted with her now.

    Fleet Foxes reminded me again why i adore them so much.

    Blitzen Trapper and the Acorn were lovely.

    And David Kitt was in flying form subbing for Bat for Lashes.

    Flaming Lips were brilliant, the lights, the balloons, the singer encased in a giant ball, the tunes...but i was too tired to get the full whack out of it.

    Main gripes at festival organisers - Please bring back the tables at the back of the main stage to sit and chill out - made that whole area much nicer in previous years.

    Please make sure the Heineken bar qs are properly divided - they were absolute mayhem near the main stage on Friday night, with lots of crushing and flying beer.

    Please don't put all the big acts on on sunday evening!

    It's still a wonderful festival tho.

    Finally given all the muck, grime and hassle carrying stuff to the camping site, this 34 year old old fogie is seriously considering the B&B and taxi option for his next EP.

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