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    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    Happiness in the Guardian

    I liked the couple of articles in last weekend's Guardian covering positive psychology and the work of psychologists like Martin Seligman.

    Oliver Burkeman nicely summed up the advice in the literature. Sure, as he says, some of it might sound corny or like familiar folk wisdom but it's of value overall i think. So those main points:

    Remember to be grateful.

    Spend your money on experiences not objects.


    Nurture your relationships.

    Spend time in nature.

    Make sure you encounter new people and places.

    Never assume that you know what will make you happy.

    And the Stuart Jeffries article on being happy at work (or not) quotes Richard Layard as saying, 'There is a creative spark in each of us and if it finds no outlet, we feel half dead. This can be literally true: among British civil servants, those who do the most routine work experience the most rapid clogging of arteries.'

    And the quote from Studs Terkel who referred to work as 'a sort of Monday to Friday dying' caught my eye too.

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