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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Lisa Hannigan Sea Sew and Whelans

    Really like Lisa Hannigan's new album Sea Sew a lot now but it was a grower, like Vampire Weekend's debut, its general cheery upbeatness can make it sound a little too innocuous on first listen. On repeated listens the quality of the songwriting stands out particularly Ocean and a Rock, I Don't Know, Pistachio, Teeth and Lille.

    Saw her in Whelan's on Saturday and she was excellent but there is definitely more potential there. At the moment she's like the Irish musical equivalent of Arsenal's Theo Walcott if you follow. I think she's still to realise quite how good a singer she is. She's goin to be the Irish Feist.

    There were two songs, Teeth and a song before it i didn't recognise where she really let her guard down and the vocals were magnificent. Oh and the Iron & Wine cover was superb.

    Lisa Hannigan singing Teeth on Other Voices

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Couldn't catch her gigs but agree with you that the potential is there- love Splishy Splashy and Pistachio. She is getting played though which is the main thing- heard the cd on upstairs in HMV and a few people bopping along.
    Thanks for the add on the blog roll:-)