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    Monday, January 28, 2008

    Stephanie Dosen

    If you don't like sensitive female singer songwriter schtick, look away now.

    Stephanie Dosen sounds like Harriet Wheeler from the Sundays only smoother. Her folky american songs could be described as Joanna Newsom-lite but that would be a bit harsh. There's some excellent songs on the album and her voice is pretty superb. Ok its all a little lilith fair and terribly tasteful but she is good.

    Her debut album is called A Lily for the Spectre.

    And here she is on Jools Holland, which is where i first heard her. Jools returns for a new series on friday with his 200th show and a lineup that includes Radiohead, Feist and Cat Power. Jools, you had me at Radiohead!

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