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    Sunday, September 23, 2007

    That shockingly brilliant Patrick Watson gig

    So, I went to Patrick Watson at the Sugar club last night and it was one the most beautiful gigs I’ve ever been to. Josh who came with me can back me up on this one as he was also blown away.

    The band are from Quebec, fronted by Patrick Watson, who has an AMAZING voice – traces of Jeff Buckley, Anthony and the Johnsons, and a more soulful thing going on too – bits of Little Jimmy Scott in there.

    They were incredibly tight, all great musicians. They had lots of imaginative, creative stuff going on with percussion, effects pedals, sampling and improvising. The drummer in particular played a blinder.

    They play a kinda space rock/jazzy/cabaret/indie rock fusion thang. For soundalikes, they’re not easy to pigeonhole but you could say they sound like (deep breath) Pink Floyd meets Rufus Wainwright meets Erik Satie meets Tom Waits meets late Beatles meets Animal Collective meets Esbjorn Svensson Trio and, though they hate this comparison, Coldplay, on the more piano driven numbers.

    They come back to Dublin again on November 13 to play support to Cold War Kids (sorry but these guys are way too good to be playing support to Cold War Kids) in the Ambassador.

    So go see them live and buy their super Close to Paradise album now!

    P.S. In true music trainspotter style myself and Josh went up to Patrick at the end of the gig to generally gush and enthuse and ask him to sign our CDs and he was a real nice fella!

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